Friday, July 6, 2012

Shadow for A Season; Illumined for A Lifetime

Behind, sun still shines;
Before, earth pirouettes.
Night approached and settled.
Dark and new mine aspect;
The face, round and large.
Reflection relinquished,
Forsaken for a season.
The insightful, discerning;
The egocentric, not equal;
Conspicuous to all who will.
Attention alone enlightens.
Weeping Sea of Serenity,
Spewing, seeping Scoria,
Gaping Sea of Knowledge,
But no one reads the sorrow.
Immense, invisible, ignored;
Dynamic force, vigorous progress,
Yet disdained, disregarded, discounted?
Once silvery glimpse espied,
Fixed evidence of existence,
Now pretense of incessant shadows.
Yet up I dutifully arise
Serving from my station
Expecting evasion will cease,
And triumphant harmony prevail.
Formerly mistaking neglect for peace,
But that oozing, open wound
Sears and burns and bleeds.
Time and warmth will heal
My scar, my tattoo, my stain,
My long reminder to be wise.
No more illusion of
Silence for peace,
Silence for goodness,
Silence for patience,
Silence for wisdom,
Silence for growth,
Silence for consideration,
Silence for calm,
Silence for strength,
Silence for love.
Illumined, Enlightened:
Silence is war,
Silence is mean,
Silence is obdurate,
Silence is foolishness,
Silence is stagnant,
Silence is thoughtless,
Silence is brooding,
Silence is cowardly,
Silence is uncaring.
Narrowness rejects import.
Myopic misperception stunts
But will never shroud.
Nobility stays the hand,
Warm, illumined behind.
Spirit exhibiting your darkness
Will illumine all in His time.
Triune radiance and brilliance
Heretofore, yet, and always!
Praise God for His Ways!

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