Friday, July 6, 2012

Shadow for A Season; Illumined for A Lifetime

Behind, sun still shines;
Before, earth pirouettes.
Night approached and settled.
Dark and new mine aspect;
The face, round and large.
Reflection relinquished,
Forsaken for a season.
The insightful, discerning;
The egocentric, not equal;
Conspicuous to all who will.
Attention alone enlightens.
Weeping Sea of Serenity,
Spewing, seeping Scoria,
Gaping Sea of Knowledge,
But no one reads the sorrow.
Immense, invisible, ignored;
Dynamic force, vigorous progress,
Yet disdained, disregarded, discounted?
Once silvery glimpse espied,
Fixed evidence of existence,
Now pretense of incessant shadows.
Yet up I dutifully arise
Serving from my station
Expecting evasion will cease,
And triumphant harmony prevail.
Formerly mistaking neglect for peace,
But that oozing, open wound
Sears and burns and bleeds.
Time and warmth will heal
My scar, my tattoo, my stain,
My long reminder to be wise.
No more illusion of
Silence for peace,
Silence for goodness,
Silence for patience,
Silence for wisdom,
Silence for growth,
Silence for consideration,
Silence for calm,
Silence for strength,
Silence for love.
Illumined, Enlightened:
Silence is war,
Silence is mean,
Silence is obdurate,
Silence is foolishness,
Silence is stagnant,
Silence is thoughtless,
Silence is brooding,
Silence is cowardly,
Silence is uncaring.
Narrowness rejects import.
Myopic misperception stunts
But will never shroud.
Nobility stays the hand,
Warm, illumined behind.
Spirit exhibiting your darkness
Will illumine all in His time.
Triune radiance and brilliance
Heretofore, yet, and always!
Praise God for His Ways!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Reflections in the urban universe
A vibrant virtuosity exposed
Sparkling on the pewter pavement
Secluded sidewalk keeps us straight
Encased by water and trees
What seems like gloom to others glitters
Spitting skies secure us together
Light from God like streetlight spills
Alone in a world full of others
Together clinging under an umbrella
Together reflected as one
Changing seasons bring new beauties
Spring full of glittering jewels
Green, red, gold along the way
Summer the copious bounty of seeds
Ripened droplets, full and sweet
Fall replete,fiery, golden maturity
Sparkling warmth of gold, orange, and red
Winter avows rebirth at awakening
Ever present hope lying dormant
Together we find abundance in all
Together submerged in insight

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Inductive Bible Study Method

Time to train newbies, so here's what we're doing in Bible study tomorrow morning so they understand why Precept Upon Precept studies are designed as they are:

Inductive Bible Study Method


Accurate interpretation and correct application rest on the accuracy of your observations. Therefore, it is vital that you develop observation skills, even if at first they seem time-consuming or you feel less than adequate and even awkward doing them. Studying inductively is a process that does not happen overnight…

As you go through the inductive process, you’ll sometimes find observation, interpretation and application happening simultaneously. God can give you insight at any time in your study, so be sensitive to His leading. When words or passages make an impression on you, stop for a moment and meditate on what God has shown you. Bring the plumb line of truth against what you believe and how you are living.
~Kay Arthur, How to Study Your Bible

What does the passage say? What should you look for observe well?

  • Prayer
o   Truth is revealed by the Spirit
  • Context
o   Read entire passage repeatedly
o   See what is repeated
  • Objective Facts
o   Questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, What
o   Identify Obvious Names: Author, Recipient, Historical Characters
o   Identify Obvious Events
o   Mark Key Words or Phrases:
§  They are repeated, emphasized
§  They unlock the meaning of the text
§  They unlock the structure of the text
o   Develop Lists
§  What do you learn about key topics?
§  What do you learn about God?
o   Develop Charts based on
§  Comparison
§  Contrast
§  Conclusions/ Results
o   Develop Timelines
§  Expressions of Time
o   Outline flow of thought

What does the passage mean? How do you prevent presuppositions (feelings, teachings, thoughts) from
coloring the meaning? What steps can be taken when observation needs further interpretation for understanding?

o   Context rules
§  Surrounding verses and chapters
§  The book
§  The entire Bible
o   Full Counsel of Bible
o   Scripture always agrees with Scripture
o   Don’t base doctrine on an obscure passage
o   Interpret Scripture literally, recognizing figures of speech
§  Greek and Hebrew understandings of words
·       Exhaustive Concordance
·       Expository Dictionary
§  Understand grammar
·       Verb tense, mood, and voice
·       Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, Metonymy, Synecdoche, Personification, Irony
·       Parables
·       Allegory
·       Types
·       Symbols
o   Look for author’s intended meaning
o   Check your conclusions using reliable commentaries

How does the meaning of this passage apply to me? Why is application important? Now is the time to be subjective.

  • Areas of Application
o   Doctrine/ Teaching Formed
o   Reproof for what doesn’t align
o   Correction to forsake wrong
o   Training in righteousness for all of life
  •  Important Questions
o   Is the instruction or promise for all?
o   Does this only apply to a certain culture or historical time?
o   Has the teaching been superseded?
o   Do you need to change beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors to align?
o   What did you learn for the first time that needs to be implemented or embraced?
  • Beware of
o   Applying cultural standards
o   Using scripture incorrectly to back up a legitimate truth
o   Being prejudice from previous teachings

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Resolutions; Just Resolved

The chill in the air seems a dormant depression
But in truth the rest is refreshing.
It guides and renews like Summer cannot,
Reminding us of what is valuable and what is not.
The necessary and strong are left by Nature
So when the light and nourishment of Spring arrive
Winter's pruning gives way to life abundant.

The same is true when we periodically examine
And find what should be pruned and burned.
Its seems like an evil task that brings death,
But the shame and guilt illumined bring life.
It starts as a bud of hope that wrath can be left,
Swelling in Christ's image while knowledge shines
And flowering, growing to His perfect glory.

But each flower dies no matter how beautiful
And deadheading must take place in a cycle.
Pruning leaves what is necessary and strong to grow
So nourishment and light can be used effectively.
It's not something to fear and revolt and shirk
But something to welcome with arms wide open
for hope only comes after death and paring.
This is why there are no resolutions each New Year
For me to bandy about and then break in cycle.
I am resolved to be busy pruning all year;
To continually deadhead what's vain and a waste.
There's nothing to fear from Biblical examination
Because light and knowledge will nourish my life
to what is necessary so my hope is strong.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


You know, every word and every action we take reveals where we are in relationship to Christ. Everyone has one... some may be his enemy, but that's still a relationship.

When we mistreat others, act with deceit, act with hypocrisy, proclaim looking at scripture isn't helpful, berate others' spiritual gifts, and trust in promises God never made, we show that we don't really know Him. We may often speak Christian jargon in public places, but when the heart isn't right others do notice. It doesn't matter how many times one repeats the word "grace," or what position of authority one aspires to take.

When others notice and one's unwilling to grow into a better relationship with Christ, it's a sad thing. It brings mourning for those of us unable to help. Mourning is heaped when you see other Christians encouraging the jargon and missing the heart.

I'm ready for this mourning to turn to morning. It's a heavy burden... even heavier when you're not allowed to help carry other burdens. Illogical, I know, but those of you who have watched someone you love go down the wrong path will understand the logic that is there.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Different Kind of Christmas

This year we are having a "fruit basket turnover" with our Christmas traditions. In a way, I am so glad because it would be too hard to have similar traditions with my grandmother in Heaven. The change is hard, too, but less difficult than the constant reminder that she's gone that would be in the similar traditions.

For Thanksgiving, we had very different activities and it helped a lot. Dinner with my family was on a different day at a different time and on the actually holiday, we spent it with Jimmy's family for the first time at his Aunt's house. The dinner with my family was exhausting. If we do it next year, I need to do more prep before the day guests are coming instead of doing everything that day. It worked out, but I didn't really enjoy it. I was too tired.
My Nieces, Kara and Jadyn
The girls spent a few days with me, too, at that time which made it easier. We had a lot of fun at the salon getting out nails "did," at Chuy's having lunch (and feeding our toys,) and at build-a-bear creating Hope in a beautiful red dress trimmed in candies and ruffles with coordinating red velvet and rhinestone slippers and Aurora in a pink princess gown.
And likewise, Christmas will be different. We'll be heading to Houston to be with Jimmy's family. We plan A Taste of Texas and a Christmas movie marathon for Christmas Eve. And a pajama party for Christmas Day, complete with presents and a gourmet meal... the guys are going to love that!! Christmas with my family will be done at some other date. I have no idea when, but that's fine with me.

Another change has been with my decorations. I have moved to a color scheme of green and brown and I love it. Here are a few photos of the changes:
Rt of Mantle; African Nativity
New Backing for Lenox Nativity


Bear Tree
Left of mantle

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Phoenix

Gifts are intended for sharing;
To be endowed without sparing
Any indulgence with caring
Sent to increase good-faring,
Friend to friend without paring
Our life and soul baring.

Sometimes a true gift's daring
Leaves a mark, a constant searing,
Upon our soul's visceral gearing.
It modifies our heart's hearing
And redirects our oaring.
It's love aligning, squaring.

Sometimes a true gift's daring
Impression is fairly jarring
And is helpful for out-tearing
That which always is marring.
It prevents us from veering
To a place of permanent searing.

When given in love's caring
A gift that bequeaths charring
And eyes welling and tearing
Brought from a truthful flaring
Can end with each one wearing
Wings, soaring into eternal haring.

And so we gift truth with caring
For our intentions is searing
Christ into each one's gearing
So all are faithfully flaring.
We should expect suffering, tearing
But with God it's all good-faring.